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What is a High Temperature Test?

1. The high temperature test is a test performed by exposing the sample to a high temperature and air-dry environment

Its purpose is to determine the suitability of military and civilian equipment for storage and operation under high temperature conditions. The high temperature test product life follows the "10°C rule", so the high temperature test is the most commonly used test, which is used for the screening, aging test, life test, accelerated life test, evaluation test of components and the whole machine, and also in the verification of failure analysis. makes an important impact. Its technical indicators include: temperature, time, and rising rate. 

The key points of high-temperature environmental test development and verification include vehicle dynamics, comfort, heat resistance, interior odor, cooling of air conditioners, and cold engine start. For example, in a high temperature and humid and hot environment, the temperature rises quickly and is not easy to reduce. The high temperature environment is a huge test for the cooling performance of automobile air conditioners. How to quickly cool down the vehicle in a high temperature environment and keep it at a relatively comfortable temperature is a key consideration for the air conditioning system. At the same time, in a high temperature environment, due to the rise in intake air temperature and fuel temperature, it will affect the output power of the engine, and then affect the power of the vehicle. Continuous driving in a high temperature environment is also a test of the heat resistance performance of the whole vehicle, system and components, rubber parts and plastic parts, and it is also necessary to verify whether these rubber parts, plastic parts and interior parts will emit harmful substances in a high temperature environment, which is an unbearable smell.

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2. When conducting high temperature test, attention should be paid to the maximum temperature tolerance of products and components

The sample is placed in the test box to maintain the heating uniformity of the sample, and the distance between the sample and the wall of the box is at least 5cm. The high temperature test method in GB/T2423.2 is divided into the temperature gradient of heat dissipation samples and the temperature gradient of non-heat dissipation samples. After the test, it is necessary to restore the sample to a stable state in the box, or place the sample in a normal temperature and humidity environment to restore it to a stable state.

3. Application areas of high temperature testing

The high temperature testing machine is used to test the parts and materials of related products such as electronic electrician, automobile and motorcycle, aerospace, rubber, plastic, metal, ship weapons, colleges and universities, scientific research units, etc to test their performances. The earliest and most common applications in the field of very high temperature testing technology are high temperature long time creep testing machine, high temperature hardness testing machine and high temperature tensile testing machine.

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