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What are the Functions of Packaging Inspection?

Packaging tests predict packaging performance and evaluate packaging functionality

Through corresponding packaging tests, the performance of packaging can be predicted, and the protective ability of packaging materials and containers on the contents can be evaluated. For example, in the use of composite plastic moisture-proof packaging and fresh-keeping packaging, it is necessary to test and analyze the air permeability, moisture permeability, adhesive strength, heat sealing strength, puncture resistance, and other properties of the composite film. In the design of transportation packaging systems, it is necessary to test and analyze the static compression characteristics, dynamic buffering characteristics, creep and recovery characteristics, vibration transmission characteristics, bearing capacity of packaging containers, and the compression, impact resistance, and vibration resistance of packaging products, etc.

For example, in the development of dairy product packaging materials and structures, it is necessary to test and analyze the permeability, tensile properties, durability, tear strength, puncture resistance, hygiene, pressure resistance, and heat-sealing strength of packaging materials. In addition, the sealing performance, compression resistance, drop impact, and vibration properties of packaging structures such as packaging bags and Tetra Paks need to be tested and analyzed.

Packaging tests control the quality of packaging products and product packaging

Predicting the packaging performance of packaging through packaging tests can enable designed or improved packaging to meet the required performance standards. However, this is not the whole of packaging quality control. Only by controlling the quality of each batch or piece of packaging products produced and delivered can we ensure that the packaging produced meets the relevant standards or specifications. For example, in the beer filling process, the detection and control of physical parameters such as gas pressure, liquid flow rate, and sterilization temperature are important conditions to ensure the quality of beer packaging. In general, the packaging test items required for controlling the quality of packaging are relatively few, and the test methods are relatively simple, but the test speed is required to be fast, and the results are obvious and generally only need to determine whether it is qualified or not. Sometimes, a quantitative result is also required.

Packaging tests obtain packaging improvement information

With the changes in the circulation environment, loading and unloading machinery, or the performance of packaging products themselves, the original packaging may no longer be suitable for new use requirements, which requires packaging to be improved. Improving packaging includes two aspects, one is to enhance the protective function of packaging and reduce packaging damage during the circulation process; the other is to reduce some unnecessary packaging functions, eliminate over-packaging or exaggerated packaging, and reduce packaging costs. In both cases, amazon package test and transit test packaging should be carried out to analyze the damage that packaging may cause, study the causes, and take corresponding preventive measures.

The packaging of cameras used to be wooden boxes, and theft was a serious problem during transportation. Later, container transportation was used to solve the problem of theft. However, after using container transportation, the number of times the wooden box was handled decreased, and the impact and vibration on the camera during the circulation process also decreased. At this time, using wooden box packaging is unnecessary, and over-packaging appeared. Through ongoing reliability test like packaging tests, it was proven that corrugated cartons could fully meet the requirements. This not only makes the packaging more beautiful and elegant but also reduces packaging costs.

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