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UV Test Capability of ORT

UV Test Capability of ORT

Light source: UV ultraviolet lamp (UVA-340, UVA-351, UVB-313)

Illumination cycle temperature: 45℃~80℃

Condensation cycle temperature: 40℃~60℃

Blackboard temperature: 45℃~75℃

Applicable standards: ASTM G151, ASTM G154, JIS D0205, SAE J2020, GB/T 14522.

Textile printing ink: GB/T 31899, GB/T 30669, AATCC TM186, ACFFA Guideline, ASTM D3424, ASTM F1945.

Coatings: ASTM D3794, ASTM D4587, FED-STD-141B, GM 9125P, ISO 11507, ISO 20340, M598-1990, NACE TM-01-84, NISSAN M0007.

Adhesive: ASTM C1184, ASTM C1442, ASTM D904, ASTM D5215, UNE 104-281-88.

Plastics: GB/T 16422, ISO 4892-3, ASTM D4329, ASTM D4674, ASTM D5208, ASTM D6662, ANSI C57.12.28, ANSI A14.5, DIN 53384, UNE 53.104

Roofing materials: ANSI/RMAIPR-1, ASTM D4799, ASTM D4811.

Leather shoes: Nike Test E12, Nike Test G37.

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