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The TISI Thailand Certification System For Battery

TISI certification Thailand implements the TISI license system that combines compulsory certification and voluntary certification. For products that meet the battery checking method standards, the TISI logo is allowed (as shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2). For products that have not yet established standards, TISI also implements product registration as a means of temporary certification.

Why TISI Certificate is Important for Manufacturer?

In order to sell an industrial product in the Thai domestic market, a prospective importer has to apply for "Thai Industrial Standards Institute" (TISI) license. The application process of tisi thailand certification includes factory inspection and testing. These activities need to be performed by TISI authorized Third-party testing agency and laboratories only.

TISI Certificate Requirements and Process

To better understand the process of TISI thailand certification, it helps to first understand what is required in the process. The product must be factory inspected, this allows for a complete analysis on how the company is meeting the standards. The shipment inspection requires sealed test results from a TISI-accredited lab and a copy of this report must be included in your certificate application. This process can take up to 15 days depending on where you are located.

TISI thailand certification process starts with filling of an application form and receiving an audit conducted by TISI authorized Inspection Body. After the audit team gets the list of required documents and data from importers, the quality system of manufacturers are verified and approved. After that, TISI will send the certificate to importers.

Thailand TISI Certification For Battery Technology

TISI Certification Thailand For Battery Mark

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