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Battery BSMI Certification Taiwan Standard

According to the announcement of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan, from July 1, 2005, products entering the Taiwan area will be subject to electromagnetic compatibility and safety regulations. According to different types of battery testing methods, there are three TS mark product certification Taiwan authentication methods: type approval (T); verification registration (R) and conformity declaration (D).

TS Mark Certification Taiwan BSMI Requirements

Batteries and batteries apply for TS Mark Certification Taiwan BSMI, the TS Certificate BSMI Taiwan standard is CNS 15364 102 edition, and the reference is based on IEC-62133


Although the TS Mark Certification Taiwan BSMI standards are mostly translated IEC standards, this does not mean that the practice is the same as CB.

BSMI (Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspection) certification is a mandatory certification required for certain products to enter the Taiwanese market. BSMI is the regulatory authority responsible for setting standards and regulations related to product safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and energy efficiency in Taiwan. The BSMI certification ensures that products comply with the applicable standards and regulations, guaranteeing their safety, quality, and performance.

The BSMI certification requirements vary depending on the type of product. Generally, the certification process involves the following key aspects:

Product Testing: Products seeking BSMI certification must undergo comprehensive testing to assess their compliance with the relevant standards. The testing may include safety tests, EMC tests, and energy efficiency tests, among others. The tests are conducted by accredited testing laboratories recognized by BSMI.

Documentation Review: Manufacturers or importers are required to provide documentation related to the product's design, construction, and compliance with the relevant standards. This may include technical specifications, test reports, circuit diagrams, user manuals, and quality control documents. BSMI reviews the documentation to ensure compliance with the certification requirements.

Factory Inspection: BSMI may conduct on-site inspections at the manufacturing facilities to verify that the products are being produced in accordance with the required standards. The inspection may include assessing the manufacturing processes, quality control measures, and adherence to safety regulations.

Labeling and Marking: Certified products must bear the BSMI certification mark, which indicates compliance with the applicable standards. The mark should be displayed prominently on the product, packaging, or user manual. The labeling and marking requirements ensure that consumers can easily identify certified products in the market.

Periodic Audits: BSMI may perform periodic audits of certified products to ensure continued compliance with the standards. These audits help maintain the integrity of the certification and provide ongoing assurance of product quality and safety.

TS Certificate BSMI Taiwan Process

TS Certificate BSMI Taiwan is a safety management system that provides a streamlined system that helps manufacturers adhere to the highest standards of product safety Taiwan BSMI mark testing. The process begins with a checklist of which tests are required, followed by Third-party testing agency and technical documentation analysis to ensure correct equipment calibration. Whenever test results meet regulations, we’ll issue you a Taiwan BSMI mark.

Taiwan BSMI Certification For Battery Technology

TS Mark Certification Taiwan BSMI

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