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Standard Content of Amazon Packaging Certification Test

In recent years, the development of e-commerce has changed the sales mode of retail industry. Many products are sold online. E-commerce retailers can distribute products to consumers through logistics on e-commerce platforms, forming a new e-commerce logistics mode. Amazon package testing transportation packaging is an effective means to ensure product quality, reduce product damage rate, optimize packaging design and cost, and reduce after-sales pressure. How to test the safety and reliability of product packaging for e-commerce logistics has become the focus of attention of enterprises.

1. Amazon package testing standards

The Amazon package testing standard is an agreement that Amazon and its suppliers' products need to follow in Amazon's operating environment. It is mainly applicable to the simulation test of packages shipped to North America through Amazon's "transportation and delivery system in their own packaging containers". The products of the manufacturer, manufacturer, or manufacturer are placed in their own packaging containers and transported to the Amazon distribution center, and then packaged or delivered to consumers by the comprehensive simulation test of the package or LTL overseas transportation.

2. The purpose of Amazon package testing

These transportation test are designed to simulate the situation that products usually encounter in Amazon's distribution and transportation system, to ensure that the products of suppliers can still reach consumers intact without using additional packaging provided by Amazon. SIOC packaging that meets this test standard will be transported to Amazon's operation center for processing and storage, and delivered to the end user through the package transportation system or freight. Although the Amazon package testing is aimed at the protective performance of the packaging, the product and packaging must be treated as a whole in the test.

ISTA, the International Safe Transportation Association, is an international non-profit organization, and its members have formulated testing standards for the safety of transportation packaging for e-commerce logistics. Among them, the ista 6a testing series of test standards are the test standards of member companies, such as Amazon, SAMSCLUB, Fedex, etc. ISTA6-Fedex is mainly for testing packages shipped via FedEx. It is mainly aimed at the comprehensive simulation test of packages transported to all parts of the United States through the Sam's member distribution system. In the Sam's member distribution system, the packages are generally shipped from the manufacturers through one or more logistics distribution centers to the member store (storehouse).

ISTA6-Amazon is an enterprise standard formulated by the ISTA Association, namely Amazon. It is currently divided into two standards according to the logistics and packaging methods. The test items include environmental pretreatment test, environmental treatment test, pressure test, ball drop test, stacking vibration test, random vibration test, horizontal extrusion (squeeze clamping) test, rotating drop test, inclined surface impact test, etc. It is suitable for testing a single package that weighs no more than 701b (32kg) and is placed in an OB box for e-commerce logistics to be transported by a parcel delivery carrier.

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