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Tic Testing

Our company has participated in the drafting of more than 20 national standards, industry standards, and group standards. Among them, 11 national standards have been published, 3 industry standards have been published, and 2 group standards have been published. 

The details are as follows:

GB/T 35774-2017 "Transportation Package Performance Test Specification"

GB/T 4857.1-2019 "Basic test of packaging and transportation packages Part 1: Method of labeling each part during the test"

GB/T 4798.1-2019 "Environmental Condition Classification, Environmental Parameter Group Classification and Severity Degree Classification Part 1: Storage"

GB/T 2421-2020 "Environmental Testing Overview and Guidelines"

Third-Party Testing

GB/T 2423.27-2020 "Environmental Test Part 2: Test Methods, Test Methods, and Guidelines: Temperature/Low Pressure or Temperature/Humidity/Low-Pressure Comprehensive Test"

GB/T 2423.51-2020 "Environmental Test Part 2: Test Method Test Ke: Flowing Mixed Gas Corrosion Test"

GB/T 32065.8-2020 Marine instrument environmental test method Part 8: Temperature change test

GB/T 32065.10-2020 Marine instrument environmental test method Part 10: Salt spray test

GB/T 4797.9-2021 Classification of environmental conditions Natural environmental conditions Shock and vibration data measured during storage, transportation, and use

GB/T 2423.33-2021 Environmental Test Part 2: Test Method Test Kca: High Concentration Sulfur Dioxide Test

GB/T 2423.18-2021 Environmental test Part 2: Test method Test Kb: Salt spray, alternating (sodium chloride solution)

NB/T 10279-2019 "Heat and hot environmental conditions for power transmission and transformation equipment"

NB/T 10280-2019 "Condition Monitoring Device for Power Grid, Humid, and Hot Environmental Conditions and Technical Requirements"

YZ/T 0174-2020 Technical Requirements for Cold Chain Delivery Incubator

T/CPF 0012-2020 Test Guidelines for Express Small Transport Packages

T/CPF 0011-2020 E-commerce Logistics Test Guidelines for Major Appliances Transport Packages

Related Third-party Testing

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