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Dangerous Package Certificate

(CNAS, CMA Laboratories accredited by the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China, Import and Export Commodity Inspection and Appraisal Agency)


1. What is a dangerous package certificate?

"Dangerous Package Certificate" is a common name. There are two types of Dangerous Package Certificates. One is the Performance Certificate, the full name is "Entry and Exit Cargo Packaging Performance Inspection Result Sheet", and the other is the use certificate, the full name is "Exit Dangerous Goods". Transport Packaging Use Appraisal Result Form” The dangerous package certificate requires a packaging performance form to go to the Commodity Inspection Bureau for commodity inspection and then change the packaging use form. This use form is the dangerous package certificate. “Outbound dangerous goods transport packaging use verification form” shows that the packaging containers listed in the list have been certified by the inspection and quarantine agency and are used to contain the goods in accordance with the "International Maritime Dangerous Regulations" or "Air Transport Dangerous Regulations".


2. Why do you need a dangerous package certificate?

The Import and Export Commodity Inspection Law of the People’s Republic of China and its implementation regulations stipulate that export dangerous goods packaging container manufacturers should apply to the customs of the place of origin for the performance inspection of dangerous goods packaging containers, and export dangerous goods manufacturers should apply to the customs of the origin of dangerous goods packaging containers Use identification. Lithium batteries>20Wh, lithium batteries>100Wh; lithium batteries>1g, lithium batteries>2g, judged as dangerous goods or watt-hours are not exceeded.

But the quantity exceeds the limit requirement.


air transport

965 IA

966/969 I

967/970 I

Rechargeable lithium battery

10kg<net weight<35kg

968 IA

969 I

970 I

Non-rechargeable lithium battery

2.5kg<net weight<35kg

5kg<net weight<35kg

5kg<net weight<35kg


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Dangerous Package Certificate

Dangerous package certificate handling process:

① Battery inspection UN38.3 test report—②Classification appraisal report—③Packing box design test—④Packing box test report—⑤Cargo packaging performance test result sheet—⑥Dangerous goods transportation package use appraisal result sheet

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