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Amazon Packaging Certification

A few days ago, Amazon announced that it will expand the packaging size of Sortable ASINs (6'' x 4'' x 0.375'' to 18'' x 14'' x 8'' during the period from October 1, 2021, to December 31, 2021. ) And Non-Sortable ASINs packaging certification rewards. For packaging that meets the amazon sioc testing requirements, a reward of $0.08 – $6.49 will be given to each package.

1. Packaging categories that meet the reward conditions

   The package size must meet or exceed the minimum size certified by Amazon Packaging: 152.4mm (length) X 101.6mm (width) X 9.5 (height) mm (6 inches X 4 inches X 0.375 inches).

Eligible Sort: Packing volume>80in³ or weight between 5-20lbs, while the size is less than or equal to 18inx14inx8in

Eligible Non-Sort: The packaged weight is between 20-50lbs, at least one side size is >18inx14inx8in, the volume is <18000 in³, and the length is <108in   


2. Ways and amount of rewards:

1. Shipped in its own packaging, undergo Amazon ISTA 6A test, and obtain SIOC certification;

2. Redesign the packaging to reduce the overall size;

3. The packaging is fully recyclable and easy to open, obtaining FFP certification.


Size range


FFP incentive

The reward for every reduction of 1in³

Eligible  Sort




Eligible Non-Sort





Reward calculation URL:

The Frustration-Free Packaging Programs IncentiveExpansion (

Packaging Certification

In recent years, Amazon has vigorously promoted a sustainable packaging policy and has continuously formulated and updated measures to reduce packaging waste and improve user experience. As TIC industry companies, ORT has extensive experience in transportation test for packaging. It is not only a laboratory accredited by the China Qualified National Accreditation Service (CNAS) and the International Safe Transport Association (ISTA), but also a laboratory accredited by Amazon. Issue an authoritative test report officially recognized by Amazon.

Amazon Packaging Certification

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