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ORT Participated In The Three Third-Party Testing National Standards

A few days ago, the three national standards that our company participated in the drafting were authoritatively released by the State Administration for Market Regulation on June 2, 2020, and were formally implemented on December 1, 2020.


GB/T 2421-2020 "Environmental Testing Overview and Guidelines"

GB/T 2423.27-2020 "Environmental Test Part 2: Test Methods, Test Methods, and Guidelines: Temperature/Low Pressure or Temperature/Humidity/Low-Pressure Comprehensive Test"

GB/T 2423.51-2020 "Environmental Test Part 2: Test Method Test Ke: Flowing Mixed Gas Corrosion Test", gas corrosion test

GB/T 2421-2020/IEC 60068-1:2013 replaces GB/T 2421.1-2008. The IEC 60068 series of standards includes a series of environmental test methods and their severity levels and specifies various atmospheric conditions for measurement and testing, which are used to evaluate the ability of the test sample to work in the expected transportation, storage, and various use environments. This standard is mainly applicable to electrical and electronic products, but is not limited to this, and can also be used in other fields when needed.

GB/T 2423.27-2020 /IEC 60068-2-39:2015 replaces GB/T 2423.25-2008, GB/T2423.26-2008, GB/T2423.27-2005. This part of GB/T 2423.27-2020 gives the test methods and guidelines for the temperature/low pressure or temperature/temperature/low-pressure comprehensive test of equipment or components. The purpose of the comprehensive test is to study the effect of temperature/low pressure or temperature/temperature/low-pressure comprehensive test on equipment or components. Comprehensive test methods are used to evaluate electrical properties, mechanical properties, or other physical properties.

GB/T 2423.51-2020/IEC 60068-2-60:2015 replaces GB/T 2423.51-2012. This part of GB/T 2423.51-2020 is used to determine the corrosive effects of the indoor environment of work and storage on the components, equipment, and materials of electrical and electronic products, especially contact points and connectors. Contact points and connectors can be individual components and assembled into A component or assembly into a piece of complete equipment for assessment. The test methods provided in this section are helpful for the comparison and selection of materials, manufacturing processes, and component designs in terms of corrosion resistance.

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For a long time, Youruite attaches great importance to technical exchanges and learning between industries, and attaches great importance to innovation and R&D investment. It has participated in the drafting of more than 20 national standards and group standards and is unswervingly working hard in the testing industry.

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