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3C Certification Applicable Products

Products listed in the "Product Catalog for Compulsory Product 3C Certification" include household appliances, automobiles, safety glass, medical equipment, wires and cables, low-power motors, power tools, toys, information technology equipment, lighting equipment, agricultural machinery products, fire protection More than 180 products in 22 categories, 3C certification including products, latex products, and safety technology protection products.

How to Obtain CCC 3C Certificate?

Week 1-2: Preparation of application documents and submission to the Chinese authorities

Week 3-4: Acceptance of application, reception of the CCC Factory code and requirements of the test products

Week 5-10: 3. Product testing in a Chinese laboratory

Parallel to the tests, Week 4-14: Optional: One day pre-audit. Factory Audit, The 3C certification authority sends Chinese auditors to inspect the factory. The audit usually takes two days.

Week 15:  Preparation of the CCC marking according to the requirements of the 3C certification authority.CCC 3C certificate is granted. After receiving the certificate, the product can be marked with the CCC logo.

What Do Manufacturers Have To Do For A CCC Certification?

China Compulsory Certification (CCC) is one step of the product certification process, which is the basis for the entry of products into China. The two most important elements of 3C certification are product testing and factory audits. The CCC certificate can be obtained from a testing inspection and certification body or from your own factory if you have produced any product overseas or in China.

How Much Time Is Required For Ccc Certification?

The required time frame to complete the 3C certification may vary depending on the product group. You need to plan for initial certification of at least 5-6 months and significantly longer times may be required for specific product groups.

Certification 3C Product List

Agricultural Machinery (Equipment for Crop Protection)

Audio and Video Apparatus

Detectors for Intruder Alarm Systems

Electric Tools

Electrical Wires and Cables

Ex Products

Fire Fighting Equipment.

Household and Similar Electrical Appliances

Information Technology Equipment (IT)

Latex Products (Condoms)

Lighting apparatus

Low-voltage Electrical Apparatus

Medical Devices

Motor vehicles, Motor Cycles and Safety Parts

Motor vehicle Tires

Protective and Connection Devices

Safety Glass

Small Power Motors

Switches for Circuits, Installation

Telecommunication Terminal Equipment

Welding Machines

Authentication Mode Of CCC Certification

Authentication Mode Of CCC Certification

Type test (product inspection) + initial factory inspection + post-certification supervision

In china certification, Post-certification supervision refers to one or a combination of three methods: follow-up inspection after certification, sample testing or inspection at the production site, and market sampling testing or inspection.

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