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ISTA packaging test know how much

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ISTA packaging test know how much

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How much do you know about the ISTA packaging test? What is the significance of the ISTA-tested package? What is the difference between an ISTA-certified test lab and an uncertified lab? Let's take a look.

I. Introduction to ISTA

ISTA (International Safe Transit Association), an international safe transport association, is an international organization that specializes in transport packaging. It has been working to assist members in developing effective packaging, methods, logistics systems, etc., to improve the safety of transportation and packaging of products, thereby preventing or reducing the loss of products during transportation and handling.

The ISTA organization has published a series of standards as well as documentation of test procedures and test items as a basis for evaluating the safety performance of transport packaging. The tested packaging can guarantee the indicators of various aspects such as stability, environmental protection and recycling.

The ISTA organization has more than 1,300 global members and accredited laboratories in 41 countries, and the effectiveness of the testing process is widely recognized. There are more than 160 ISTA Chinese members in the country, including 97 ISTA-certified laboratories. "Shenzhen Youruite Testing Technology Co., Ltd." is one of the member units, with ISTA packaging testing qualification.

Second, the significance of ISTA packaging test

Significantly reduce damage

Reasonably reduce costs

Improve customer satisfaction

Third, on the ISTA laboratory certification

The ISTA laboratory technical certification is designed to test the ability of a laboratory test facility to perform the ISTA standard. Laboratory personnel are qualified to evaluate packages based on standards while ensuring consistency with other approved laboratories.

The ISTA pre-shipment test standards established in accordance with the International Safe Transport Association (ISTA) Safe Transport Certification Program can effectively prevent breakage during transportation. The Safe Transportation Certification Program enables companies to actively improve their product packaging, reduce packaging costs, and reduce transportation costs through pre-shipment testing.

Fourth, the test laboratory has no difference in ISTA certification

Only ISTA-certified laboratories can be tested in the ISTA series of standards and test reports issued to customers. Laboratories that do not have an ISTA certification do not have the right to issue an ISTA test report. It is not possible to obtain an ISTA accreditation certification even if a report is issued.

The test laboratory certification is only certified by ISTA members. The ISTA laboratory certification is a highly recognized transportation and packaging professional certification, ensuring that the laboratory is properly equipped and can perform ISTA packaging performance testing.

V. ISTA laboratory certification inquiry

Take the Uret test as an example. For information about the ISTA certification of the Uret laboratory, you can check it on the ISTA website: http://www.ista-china.org/ Enter “Shenzhen Uret Testing Technology Co., Ltd.” Can be checked. as the picture shows:




Sixth, ISTA certificate

ISTA's ISTA membership certificate and ISTA laboratory accreditation certificate issued by ISTA


ISTA membership certificate


ISTA Certification Laboratory Certificate

There are requirements for ISTA packaging testing, you can come to our company for testing. Specific requirements can be communicated online.

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