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The new energy battery testing services provide one-stop testing and certification services for manufacturers and traders in the battery quality test, battery safety test, battery power check and battery speed test. Battery testing services can provide testing and certification services for various battery products in accordance with the relevant standards of the European Union, North America and other major countries and regions. Laboratory Focus on studying the changes and updates of car battery health check standards in various countries, and actively participating in the drafting and formulation of standards. And maintain a good cooperative relationship with well-known international institutions to cooperate with customers to easily and conveniently obtain passes to enter the multi-national market.

Business scope: cTUVus certification/ International Certification Service / BSMI Mark Testing Service UN 38.3 Test Cargo Transportation Appraisal / Quality Inspection Report / Large Power Testing / TiSi Thailand Certification

Types of Battery Testing Methods

Our battery safety test, reliability test, failure analysis, transportation test, chemical test,  emc test will cover the following items: UN38.3, battery short circuit test, forced battery discharge test, crushing, overcharge, continuous low-rate charging, thermal abuse,  limited power source test, impact test, shock test, vibration test, heating test, temperature cycling test, mechanical tests, electrical tests, battery enclosure tests, BMS.

Add to the following, We also offer battery drain test, check battery capacity, battery charger output test, battery cranking test, battery current draw test, battery draw test, battery drop test. Inquiry Third-party testing for ORT test according to different projects.

Battery UN38.3 Test

Battery UN38.3 Test

Article 38.3 of the United Nations Manual of Tests and Standards for the Transport of Dangerous Goods-Lithium Batteries un 38.3 test.

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Clean Energy Battery Inspection Report

Clean Energy Battery Inspection Report

The quality inspection report must be provided by a Third-party testing agency with CNAS and CMA qualifications, with relative independence and impartiality, and with the qualifications to test products and issue fair test data (test reports) to society. New energy battery tests are available in GB T18287 battery 2000.

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High Power Battery Testing

High Power Battery Testing

ORT Testing has invested a lot of high-end equipment in the field of large-scale power batteries to provide high power testing and certification programs for large-scale power battery manufacturers

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What Are The Detection Methods For Lithium/Lead Acid Battery Performance Testing?

The Detection Methods For Lithium Battery Performance Testing

Performance tests mainly include voltage, internal resistance, capacity, internal pressure, self-discharge rate, cycle life, sealing performance, safety performance, storage performance, appearance, etc., as well as overcharge, over-discharge, solderability, corrosion resistance, etc.

Detection method:

1. Self-battery discharge test

2. Internal resistance measurement

3. Battery internal resistance test

4. Impact test

5. Lithium battery cycle life detection

Lead Acid Battery Testing Methods

What Are The Testing Standards For Lithium Batteries?

  • China CQC

  • International CB

  • U.S. UL

  • U.S, Canada ctuvus certification

  • Japan PSE

  • India BIS ( IS 16046 2012)

  • Taiwan BSMI

  • Russian GOST

  • Thailand TISI

  • korea kc mark

What Are The Testing Standards For Lithium Batteries?

How To Tell If A Battery Is Bad?

1. The fastest inspection method is the battery resistance test and the maximum discharge current. A good quality lithium battery has a very small internal resistance and a large maximum discharge current. Use a multimeter with a 20A range to directly short the two electrodes of the lithium battery. The current should generally be about 10A, or even higher, and it can be maintained for a period of time. A relatively stable battery is a good battery.

2. Look at the appearance. The fullness of the appearance, such as a lithium battery of about 2000mAh, is relatively large. The workmanship is more delicate or the packaging is plumper.

3. Look at the hardness. The middle part of the lithium battery can be squeezed lightly or moderately with the hand. The hardness is moderate, and there is no soft squeezing feeling, which proves that the lithium battery is a relatively high-quality battery.

4. Look at the weight. Remove the outer packaging and feel whether the weight of the lithium battery is relatively heavy. If the weight is heavy, it is a high-quality battery.

5. During the live working process of the lithium battery, continue discharging for about 10 minutes if the battery poles are not hot, it proves that the battery protection board system is perfect. Generally, the quality of lithium batteries with high-quality protection boards is better than ordinary lithium batteries.

How To Tell If A Battery Is Bad?

New Energy Battery Safety Test FAQs

Q: What are the battery safety testing methods?+ -

Battery test methods are classified into the following four categories:

1. Electrical test: overcharge, overdischarge, external short circuit, forced discharge, etc.

2. Mechanical test: extrusion, acupuncture, impact, vibration, drop, etc.

3. Thermal test: high and low temperature cycle, combustion, microwave heating, etc.

4. Environmental simulation: high altitude low pressure simulation, salt spray test, etc.

Q: What is New Energy Battery Performance Test+ -

How do external conditions affect battery cells, modules and packs? What factors impact their capacity and lifetime? Which environmental conditions accelerate ageing? These are the questions addressed by battery performance testing.

Battery performance testing describes electrical testing of battery packs, modules and cells, superimposed by thermal and climate conditioning. By simulating a range of external influences in special testing chambers – such as climatic conditions including arctic temperatures and humid tropical climates – evidence can be collected to the impact of these conditions on your battery; e.g. the impact of mechanical stresses caused by thermal or electrical loads.

At the same time cooling units simulate the cooling cycle. Extensive measurement and simulation equipment further allow the recording of electrical and climatic data as well as simulation and recording of communication between batteries and control devices.

Q: The importance of new energy battery quality test+ -

renders battery pack testing as well as battery cell and module testing essential for the safety of users. And as electric vehicles become more popular, so will the need for electric vehicle battery safety. Conducting life cycle and capacity tests is one crucial step towards validating battery safety and durability.

By choosing ORT, you are partnering with our professional team with comprehensive knowledge in battery performance testing, alongside other benefits:

Stay ahead of the competition with our experts who are at the forefront of battery testing and support you through the entire value chain from component to final product.

During the R&D process our testing services will support you in making technical decisions that serve your design objectives best, while also impacting battery performance in the long run.

Uncover possibilities for quality improvement and reduce the risk of product recalls and warranty claims once the product is placed on the market.

Access the market faster by reducing your product development time through our effective test programs.

Gain advantage from our innovative service offerings: fully automated cutting-edge test process as well as tailored approach to your data measurement, analysis and reporting requirements

Ensure battery performance with our battery reliability testing services which can make all the difference between winning and losing - in the commercial sector as well as on the racetracks.

Q: What's include in car battery health check?+ -

1. Car battery testing methods safety performance:  

Overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, extrusion, acupuncture, heavy impact, falling, heat abuse, low pressure, seawater immersion, washing, external fire.  

2, Car battery testing methods electrical performance:  

Capacity, rate discharge, internal resistance, cycle life, accelerated aging, SOC calibration, storage performance, charge holding capacity, energy efficiency.  

3, Car battery testing methods environmental performance:  

Temperature cycle, temperature shock, constant damp heat, mechanical vibration, mechanical shock, insulation test.  

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New Energy Battery Test Technology

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