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Environmental Reliability Test of Automotive Electrical and Electronic Components live broadcast

[Big coffee invitation] "Environmental Reliability Test of Automotive Electrical and Electronic Components" live broadcast!

Automobiles are complex products composed of up to thousands of electronic components. Especially with the development of the automobile industry, more and more control electronics, entertainment multimedia electronics, navigation and in-vehicle communications, etc., make vehicles more complex. Increase. The reliability of these electronic components is very important, which directly determines the safety and operational reliability of the entire vehicle. Especially harsh environments (transportation, storage, work, climate, etc.) are testing the reliability of automotive electronics. Therefore, environmental reliability tests related to automotive electronic products have become particularly important.

In order to let everyone have a deeper understanding of the relevant knowledge of the environmental reliability test of automotive electrical and electronic components, Urit Testing invites to engage in reliability test-related work for 28 years, IEC International Electrotechnical Commission TC104 technical expert, former Huawei Environmental Reliability Test Chief Mr. Wu Xiaozhi, a technical expert and former manager of Huawei's Environmental Reliability Laboratory, came to the live broadcast room to bring you the essence of dry goods course 《Environmental Reliability Test of Automotive Electrical and Electronic Components》.

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