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Lithium Battery UL Certification Standards and Procedures

What are the handling standards and processes for UL certification of lithium batteries? A customer recently inquired about UL certification for lithium batteries, but was unsure of the standard process. No need to worry, today Uniray takes lithium batteries as an example to introduce the standard process of battery UL certification.

Lithium batteries are very common, we can't do without them in our everyday use of mobile phones and computers. With the development of science and technology, lithium batteries have become the mainstream of battery products. However, because of the potential safety hazards associated with lithium battery products, UL certificate lookup is generally required for lithium battery products exported to the United States.

UL certification is non-mandatory in the United States, mainly for testing and certification of the safety performance of products, and its certification scope does not include the EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) characteristics of products. UL is an independent, non-profit professional organization that performs tests for public safety.

Battery UL certification test standards

UL2054 standard is mainly for lithium battery packs or lithium battery packs. Applicable to one-time (non-rechargeable) and secondary (rechargeable) batteries used as power sources in products. These batteries can be composed of a single electrochemical cell or two or more lithium ion batteries connected in parallel or in series that convert chemical energy into electrical energy through chemical reactions.

Battery UL certification test items

  • Electrical performance test: short-circuit test, overcharging test, abusive overcharging test, over-discharge test, and limited power source test;

  • Mechanical test: compression test, impact test, acceleration test, vibration test;

  • Battery pack shell test: drop impact test, 250N static test, mold pressure release test, fire test, ejection test;

  • Environmental test: high temperature test, temperature cycle test, etc.

Battery UL certification process

  1. Submit an application form;

  2. Engineer provides quotation according to the content of the application form and sends the quotation letter to the customer;

  3. Sign and prepare the sample according to the payment on the quotation;

  4. Product testing with ongoing reliability test;

  5. Issue the test report based on the test results and send completion notice;

  6. Purchase and prepare labels as required;

  7. Pass the factory inspection and obtain authorization to use the UL label.

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