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Large and Heavy Sample Reliability Test Capabilities

Ability Parameter

Test Setup

1. 18-ton high-thrust vibration table(equipped with full-stroke hoisting, easy to operate)

1) Vibrate direction: Horizontal /Vertical

2) Max. sine force peak:18000kgf

3) Frequency range: DC~2200Hz

4) Max. displacement (p-p): 51mm

5) Horizontal platform size(mm): 1800×1800 (Scalable)

6) Vertical platform size(mm): 1800×180(Scalable)

7) Control System: Sine, Random, Shock, Sine + Random, Random + Random, RSTD, 16 Channels.




Reliability Testing 

Reliability Testing 

2. 5.5-ton large displacement vibration table (equipped with full travel crane, easy to operate)

1) Vibrate direction: Horizontal /Vertical

2) Max. sine force peak: 5500kgf

3) Frequency range: DC~2500Hz

4) Max. displacement(p-p): 80mm

5) Horizontal platform size(mm): 1400×1400/700×700

6) Vertical platform size(mm): 1400×1400/700×700

7) Controller system: Sine、Random、Shock、RSTD、8 Channels.  




Reliability Test Methods 

Method Of Reliability Test 

3. 15m³ walk-in temperature and humidity test chamber

1) Inner dimension(mm): W(3000) × H(2500)× D(2000)

2) Temperature range: -40℃~+100℃

3) Cooling rate: 1℃/min(With 1KW heat load)

4) Temp. heat-up rate: 2℃/min(With 1KW heat load)

5) Humidity range: (30~95)%RH

6) Temp. undulation: ≤±0.5℃

7) Temp. uniformity: ≤2.0℃

Types Of Reliability

4.18m³ walk-in temperature and humidity test chamber

1) Product model: WRM-18M-40-W

2) Nominal content product: 18m³ 18000L

3) Size of inner box: W(3000)mm×H(3000)mm×D(2000)mm

4) Temperature range: -40℃~+100℃(Non-linear with 5KW load)

5) Temperature uniformity: ≤ 2.0℃

6) Heating rate: 2℃/min(Non-linear with 1KW load)

7) Cooling rate: 1℃/min(Non-linear with 1KW load)

 Types Of Reliability Test

5. 15m³ walk-in sand dust test chamber

1) Product model: SC-0150

2) Studio size: D2500mm×W2000mm×H3000mm

3) Volume: 15m³

4) Dust concentration: 2~4kg/M3

5) Allowable temperature values: RT+10℃~60℃

6) Relative humidity: ≤ 25%RH(monitor)

7) Dust blowing control cycle: 1s~99h(Adjustable)

8) Timing of test time: 1s~999h adjustable

Reliability Test Design

Ability Parameter

Test Setup

6. 15m³ Walk-in compound salt test chamber

1) Studio size: 2.5M*2.0M*3.62M(W×L×H)

2) Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃

3) Temperature uniformity: ≤ 2℃

4) Temperature deviation: ±1℃

5) Spray deposition(ml/80cm2.h): 1-2ML

6) Humidity range: 20-98%

7) Spray pressure: 1±0.01kgf/cm2

8) Test chamber capacity: The test space volume is about 18m3

9) Main functions of the equipment: Neutral salt spray, alternating salt spray.

 Reliability Test Design

7. Temperature + Humidity + Vibration

5.5T vibration table:

1) Vibrate direction: Horizontal /Vertical

2) Max. sine force peak: 5500kgf

3) Frequency range: DC~2500Hz

4) Max. displacement(p-p): 80mm

5) Horizontal platform size(mm): 700×700

6) Vertical platform size(mm): 700×700


2T vibration table:

1) Vibrate direction: Horizontal /Vertical

2) Max. sine force peak: 2000kgf

3) Frequency range: DC~3000Hz

4) Max. displacement (p-p): 51mm

5) Horizontal platform size(mm): 800×800

6)Vertical platform size(mm):800×800


Rapid temperature change test chamber:

1) Inner dimension(mm): 1000×1000×1000(W×D×H)

2) Temperature range: -70℃~+180℃

3) Humidity range: 10%RH~98%RH

4) Cooling rate: ≥20℃/min

5) Temp. heat-up rate: ≥20℃/min


Swing Test

8. Temperature + temperature and humidity + shock/collision

Shock parameters:

1) Waveform: Half sine      

2) Max. payload: 50kg

3) Acceleration: 100~15000m/s2    

4) Pulse duration: 0.8ms~40ms        

5) Maximum impact speed variation: 8.2m/s

6) Table size (mm): 400×400

Collision parameters:

1) Waveform: Half sine      

2) Max. payload: 50kg

3) Acceleration: 30~2000m/s2    

4) Pulse duration: 1.5ms~30ms

5) Maximum impact speed variation: 3.8m/s

6) Table size (mm): 400×400


Rapid temperature change test chamber:

1)Inner dimension(mm): 1000×1000×1000(W×D×H)

2)Temperature range: -70℃~+180℃

3)Humidity range: 10%RH~98%RH

4)Cooling rate: ≥20℃/min

5)Temp. heat-up rate: ≥20℃/min

Rapid Temperature Change Test Chamber

9. Horizontal clamping

1) Maximum test weight: 100kg

2) Holding pressure: 30-2000kg(adjustable) pressure can be applied on the corresponding surface according to the handling diagram on the test sample.

3) Test space size: 2000×1500×1000mm(L×W×H)

4) Height adjustment of splint: 0-1000mm(Can be set)

5) Lifting speed:10-500mm/min(Adjustable)

6) Clamping speed: 10-50mm/min(Adjustable)

7) Splint expansion width: 0-2000mm

8) Floor size: 2000×1900mm



Horizontal Clamping Of Reliabelity Testing


 Horizontal Clamping Testing Of Reliabelity Testing

10. Incline impact + horizontal impact

1) Test function mode: Incline + horizontal impact

2) Sliding length: 0-4000mm(Adjustable)

3) Maximum weight of specimen: 1500kg

4) Block size: 2000×2000mm, thickness: 20mm

5) Baffle size: 2500×3000mm(W×H)

6) Orbital plane and horizontal clamping angle: 10°±1°



Incline Impact Horizontal Impact Of Reliablity Testing

 Horizontal Impact Of Reliability Testing

11. Compression

1) Test force range: 0-10000kg

2) Sensor accuracy: ±0.03%, More than 30kg can be measured

3) Test space: 2500×1800×1800mm(L×W×H)

4) Upper and lower platen: 2500×1800mm(L×W)

5) Test function: anti-pressure function; holding pressure function(the time can be continuously 0-9999H adjustable)


Compression Of Reliability Testin

Compression Of Ort Reliability Testing


12. Simulated transportation

1) Maximum test load: 500kg

2) Frequency Range: 10-300 Rpm

3) Amplitude range: 1 inch(25.4mm)

4) Vibration mode: Rotary style(commonly known as horse racing style)

5) Simulated speed: 25-40km/h

6.) Test table size: 2500×1500mm

 Simulated Transportation Reliability Testing

13. Zero drop

1) Maximum weight of specimen: 0-500kg

2) Drop height: 0-2000mm

3) Maximum specimen size: 2500×2000×500mm(L×W×H)

4) Drop mode: Pneumatic

Zero Drop Of Reliability Testing


14. Single wing drop

1) Test bench size: 1700x250x2315(mm)

2) Maximum size of specimen: 800x800x1000(mm)

3) Arm size: 160x250x10(mm)

4) Bottom plate thickness: 10mm

5) Maximum weight of specimen: 0-80Kg

6) Drop height error: ±10mm(1%)

7) Drop height: 300-1500mm

8) Test method: Face, edge, angle all drop.

9) Impact panel parallel error: 1%

Single Wing Drop Reliability Testing

Auxiliary Equipment Capability Parameters

Ability ParameterTest Setup

1. AC Variable Frequency Power Supply

1) Output capacity: 100KVA

2) Circuit mode: IGBT/PWM Wide modulation method

3) AC input:

Phase number: Three-phase  

Voltage: 380V±10%

Frequency fluctuation range: 50Hz or 60Hz

4) AC output:

Phase number: Three-phase

Waveform: SINE WAVE


Low-end: 0-260V Continuously adjustable

High-end: 0-520VContinuously adjustable

Frequency: 60Hz, 50Hz, 40-499.9Hz

Frequency stability rate: ≤ 0.1%

Max. current: H(A)240V: 138; L(A) 120V: 276

AC Variable Frequency Power Supply Of Reliablity Testing 

2. Programmable AC power supply

1) The output voltage: 0-300V

2) Input voltage: AC 220V±10%, 50/60Hz

3) Output frequency: 45-400Hz

4) Voltage stability: ≤1%

5) Frequency stability: ≤0.1%

6) Distortion: ≤2%(Resistive load)

7) Crest factor: 1.41±0.10

8) Source voltage effect: ≤1%

9) Load effect: ≤1%

Programmable AC Power Supply Of Reliablity Testing 

3. Programmable DC power supply

1) The output voltage: 0-60V

2) Output current: 0-200A

3) Output Power: 0-12000W

4) Power stability rate: ≤0.3%+10mv

5) Load stability rate: ≤0.5%+30mv

6) Ripple: ≤0.5%+10mv(rms)

Programmable DC Power Supply Of Reliability Testing 

4. Programmable DC power supply

1) Max. voltage: 80V

2) Max. current: 40A


Programmable DC Power Supply Of ORT Reliablity Testing 

5. Forklift

Load-bearing: 2 T

Forklift Of Reliability Testing 

6. Crane scale

Load-bearing: 2.8T

Crane Scale Of Reliablity Testing

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