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Korea KC Certification Standard for Battery

South Korea KATS (Korean Agency for Technology and Standard) announced the korea kc certification mark standard adopted by portable secondary lithium battery packs and lithium batteries: Self-Regulatory Safety Confirmation, Annex 05, which was formally implemented on July 1, 2009. At present, the testing of portable secondary lithium battery packs and lithium batteries must be performed by authorized laboratories in South Korea, and it is not possible to use the IEC62133 CB report to correct. After the product has passed the KC certified evaluation, a certificate of conformity declaration valid for 5 years will be issued(Confirmation Letter of Declaration), during which no factory inspection is required. All Korean KC certification procedures need to be completed in South Korea. AGC Battery Division has very good partners who can smoothly help you obtain product certificates.

KC Certification Process

1. Sample

2. Certification Application Form

3. Product Instruction Manual

4. Product schematic diagram and specification

5. List of key components of the product

KC certification process and function:

For the voluntary KC certification customers of the product, provide samples, conduct pre-tests, and send them to South Korea for testing after passing the test. After passing the test, the certificate can be issued.

For the compulsory KC certification of products, testing and factory inspection are required, and the certification will only be issued after both are qualified.

KC (Korean KC) Certification For Battery Mark

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