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Introduction to the Advantages of ISTA Packaging and Shipping Testing

Packaging and transportation are essential parts of product circulation. The safety and protection of products during transportation directly affect the economic profits of businesses. The International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) has published a series of standards, testing procedures, and test documents as a unified basis for evaluating the safety performance of transportation packaging.

ISTA, also known as the International Safe Transit Association, is an international non-profit organization. Its predecessor was the National Safe Transit Association (NSTA) in the United States. Currently, there are hundreds of well-known freight companies and laboratories among its members worldwide. It has been committed to assisting members in developing effective packaging, methods, logistics systems, etc. to improve the transportation packaging safety of products, thereby preventing or reducing losses encountered during transportation and handling.

What is ISTA certified packaging?

ISTA certified packaging is a certification service provided by ISTA for packaging that meets its transportation testing program requirements. When it comes to ISTA certified packaging, we have to mention the use of the ISTA certified packaging logo. Unlike the low threshold for anyone to apply for SIOC certification requirements, if you need to print the packaging certification logo on the packaging, you must be an ISTA member. In addition, you need to send the test report to ISTA headquarters for review. After the review is passed, you can print the ISTA certified packaging logo on the packaging that has passed the testing and certification.

Advantages of ISTA certified packaging

Authoritative testing to ensure the safety of packaging during transportation

For the shipper members, they can use the ISTA certified packaging logo on the packaging that has passed amazon ISTA 6 SIOC test. With the packaging certification logo, it means that your product packaging has passed the industry-recognized pre-shipment laboratory ongoing reliability test and ISTA has reviewed the test report results and certified that the packaging product can be safely transported within the specified damage range. This effectively ensures that the packaging can protect the product from a series of harmful factors such as vibration, stacking, climatic conditions, and impact in the distribution process, and be safely delivered to customers, thereby helping to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

ISTA certification enhances the credibility of the enterprise

With ISTA certified packaging, negotiations with carriers on insurance premiums will also become easier, which adds a favorable chip to reducing premiums. If the goods are damaged during transportation, when determining whether the packaging strength is sufficient, it can also strengthen the company's position in claims negotiations, thereby encouraging carriers and claims inspectors to look for other damage causes and resolve or accept settlement more quickly, thus reducing claim and claim processing costs.

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