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How to Use Salt Spray Test Chamber to Determine Corrosion Resistance of LED Lighting Fixtures?

Salt spray test is an environmental test that mainly uses salt spray test equipment to create an artificial simulated salt spray environment to evaluate the corrosion resistance performance of products or metal materials. The following are the criteria for determining the testing level of neutral salt spray test.

The corrosion situation of salt spray test is mainly determined by four methods:

Rating method, weighing method, corrosion product appearance determination method, and statistical analysis method of corrosion data. The statistical analysis method of corrosion data provides a method for designing corrosion tests, analyzing corrosion data, and determining the confidence level of corrosion data. It is mainly used to analyze and statistically analyze the corrosion situation, not for the specific quality judgment of a certain product.

The salt spray test box is a kind of environmental reliability test mainly used to test the corrosion resistance of lamp metal materials

In order to prove whether the metal parts on the product exposed to the atmosphere or other environments are likely to corrode, the product can be placed in the use environment for a long time, such as the product's life cycle, which is time-consuming and laborious, and is rarely used in practice. Therefore, a convenient method is needed to evaluate the corrosion resistance of products.

Therefore, the salt spray test box was born. It can simulate the corrosion of lamp metal materials by spraying a mist-like corrosive liquid onto them. Lamps will corrode due to the long-term exposure to natural environment, rainwater flushing, and temperature changes, but these situations can be prevented before leaving the factory. For example, salt spray can be used to test the corrosion resistance of products. Another major advantage is that it has excellent reproducibility for corrosion environments, and the test time will be significantly shortened, thus saving a lot of manpower, financial, and material resources.

The salt spray test box is an accelerated corrosion resistance evaluation method in artificial atmosphere

It atomizes a certain concentration of saltwater and sprayed it in a closed constant temperature box. We can observe the changes of test samples in the box after placing them for a certain period of time through testing, so as to achieve the anti-corrosion effect of the test samples. It is an accelerated method for ongoing reliability test, mainly using a short time, and does not require several years of testing cycle. It can reflect the corrosion resistance of the tested sample in a few days or even hours.

In recent years, the salt spray test box industry has generally maintained a growth trend. From the perspective of the products themselves, different test equipment has made great progress in quality, function, and performance. The demand for test boxes in various fields accounts for about 90% of the demand for other environmental test box equipment in the market, which plays a decisive role in the demand for other environmental equipment in the industry.

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