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Failure Mechanism Of Gas Corrosion Test

Electrical performance failure: Corrosive atmosphere will cause corrosion to products with contact points and connectors, which will cause poor contact and decrease the sensitivity of equipment and instruments, which will cause arcing or the risk of component breakdown until it is scrapped.

Safety failure: After the fuse protection device is corroded by the corrosive atmosphere, it will lose its protective effect and affect the safety of the product.

Gas Corrosion Test Capability Of ORT

Gas Corrosion Test Capability Of ORT

Test concentration:

H2S: 5ppb~250ppb (100ppm gas source)

Cl2: 5ppb~250ppb (100ppm gas source)

H2S: 100ppb~5000ppb (1.0% gas source)

NO2: 50ppb~2500ppb (0.1% gas source)

SO2: 50ppb~2500ppb (0.1% gas source)

SO2: 1ppm~50ppm (2.0% gas source)

Applicable standards: GB/T 2423.19, GB/T 2423.20, GB/T 2423.33, GB/T 2423.51, GB/T 9789, IEC60068-2-42, IEC60068-2-43, IEC60068-2-60, DIN 50018, ISO 21207 and so on.

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