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Failure Mechanism Of Damp Heat Steady State Test

Test parameters

Main influence

Typical failure results

High relative humidity

Moisture absorption or adsorption; expansion; mechanical strength reduction; chemical reaction; corrosion; electrical corrosion; the conductivity of the insulator increases.

Physical damage, insulation failure, mechanical failure.

Low relative humidity

Drying; embrittlement; reduced mechanical strength; shrinkage; increased wear between moving contacts.

Mechanical failure, cracking.

Damp Heat Storage

The damp heat steady state test is primarily intended for component type specimens, to determine, in an accelerated manner, the resistance of specimens to the deteriorative effects of high temperature/humidity and cold conditions. The advantages of this method are its rapidity of application and that it utilizes convection heating; it therefore minimizes degradation due to radiation from heated surfaces. This test method of Third-party testing is not intended for the determination of long-term degradation under humid environments (at least not until the specimen shows signs of decomposition).

Test Capability of ORT Damp Heat Steady State Test

Test Capability of ORT Damp Heat Steady State Test

Damp heat test capability parameters: 10℃~98℃@10%RH~98%RH

Constant heat and humidity (unsaturated high pressure steam) capacity parameters:

Air pressure range: 0.1~0.296Mpa

Temperature range: ≤150℃

Humidity range: 75%RH~100%RH

Damp Heat Test Standard 

 GB/T 2423.3, IEC 60068-2-78, GB/T 2423.4, IEC 60068-2-30, GB/T 2423.50, IEC 60068-2-67, GB/T 2423.40, IEC 60068-2-66 , MIL-STD-810H, MIL-STD-883K, MIL-STD-202G, GJB 150A, GJB 360B, GJB 548B, GB/T 28046.4, ISO 16750-4, YD/T 2379, ETSI 300 019-2, GR -63, GR-487, etc.

What Is Damp Heat Test

The damp heat test is a type of environmental stress test used to evaluate the resistance of materials and products to humidity and high temperatures. This test is commonly used in the TIC (Testing, Inspection, and Certification) industry to assess the quality and reliability of electronic components, PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards), and other devices that are exposed to high humidity and temperature conditions.

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