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Obtaining the ORT certification to sell products in China can be a complex process. Manufacturers must identify the current and relevant standards, provide product samples for testing in China, submit to factory inspections, and apply for official certification from regulatory bodies.

CCC Certification is the most common mandatory certification system for products sold in the Chinese market. Certain products may also require SRRC, NAL, CCIS, CEL certifications, depending on the product type and its functionality. Refer to the links below for more detailed information on each type of Chinese certification.

Types Of China Certification

Before you can sell a product in China, you must prove that it meets Chinese radio, public safety, and energy standards. The mandatory ORT certification applies to a wide range of products, including everything from Bluetooth dongles to automobiles. Contact us for custom ORT test according to different projects.

CCC Certification

CCC Certification

CCC China compulsory certification is called "Compulsory Product Certification System", and the 3C certification is issued by China Quality Certification Center CQC.

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CQC Certification

CQC Certification

CQC is the English abbreviation of China Quality Certification. Get cqc certification from ORT.

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China ROHS

China ROHS

"China RoHS certification", also known as "national push RoHS certification" refers to electronic information products pollution control national push voluntary certification.

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What Type of Chinese Certification Do I Need?

CCC certification (a.k.a. ccc china compulsory certification) is the most commonly used mandatory certification system in China. A CCC Certificate demonstrates that a certain product meets safety, health, and environmental standards. Certification 3C applies to more than 132 product categories, and requirements are regularly changed and updated over time, so it's crucial to reference the latest standards.

Depending on the type and functionality of the product, you may need to obtain multiple certificates to sell it in China. For example, if your product is an activity tracker that transmits data to and from a smartphone, you may need SRRC certification for radio transmitting capability.

Manufacturers and exporters are responsible for identifying the right certifications for their products. Failing to apply all of the relevant certifications can result in costly delays or even removal of a product from the Chinese market, so be sure to consult compliance professional if you are unsure which standards are relevant.

What Type of Chinese Certification Do I Need?

How To Get Chinese Certification?

Obtaining CCC,  SRRC, and other Chinese certifications require multi-step processes, most of which include the following:

  • Verify that certification is applicable to your product.

  • Identify the best Chinese certification body for the product.

  • Evaluate product samples for proper function and configurations for testing.

  • Ship test samples to China (with the correct HS/Tariff code).

  • Clear test samples through China Customs with an established clearance agency.

  • Schedule testing with a qualified test lab.

  • Assist the testing lab with any technical issues that arise.

  • Arrange a factory inspection. (If applicable, Inspections are typically required every 12-18 months.)

  • Submit test report to certification body for final certification.

  • Track certificate expirations and renewals to avoid costly delays or penalties.

How To Get Chinese Certification?

China Certification Technology

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