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Case 3: Auto parts logistics turnover box


  • Industry: automobile industry, using recyclable turnover equipment, convenient direct connection with the production line.  

  • Mode of transport: road, short distance.  

  • Problem: excess damage.  Vertically placed products collapse (see Figure 3). 

  • Technical service:

    1. Provide transportation test for packaging plan according to logistics method.  

    2. Assist customers to improve packaging and finally pass the test plan.9_(1).png

  • Packing method: recyclable recycling box + corrugated carton, automobile industry.  

  • Logistics: domestic procurement, foreign assembly.  The transportation distance is long, the logistics link is many, the transportation mode is diverse.  

  • Objective: To evaluate the feasibility of packaging.  

  • Technical service: 

1. Provide test plan according to logistics method.  

2. Assist customers to make corrections and finally pass the test plan.  

3. Follow-up in the later stage, collect market feedback, and improve the test scheme.  


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