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Case 2: recyclable, foldable, metal logistics turnover box


  • Products: recyclable, foldable, metal logistics turnover box.  

  • Load: 1400Kg, semi-fluid material (sand was used instead of test).  

  • Problems: structural deformation, welding spot damage, buckle damage, etc.  




Provide product test plan for customers  

  • Circulation mode: warehouse -- road transportation -- port -- loading and unloading -- sea transportation -- port -- loading and unloading -- road transportation -- warehouse.  

  • Method 1: Collect data according to the logistics method.

  • Method 2: Adopt standards (ISTA, ASTM D 4169, GB/T 4857).

Logistics Turnover Box Typical Test Circulation Process

The ISTA packaging testing program completely simulates the problems encountered in the logistics process

Test Simulates Logistics Process Problems

After several rounds of rectification, the product passed the designed test scheme.  


Through the product of the transportation test for packaging scheme put into operation, the bad problems were effectively solved.  I have followed up market feedback for 2 years with good performance.  


Regular supervision and spot - check.  

Regular Supervision and Spot Check

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