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Case 1: E-commerce express packaging


E-commerce express packaging  

It is not allowed to use transition packaging, internal buffer materials such as EPE, EPS and other non-environmental protection materials.  

Product packaging for color box packaging, outer packaging for corrugated carton packaging.  The outer packing is available in two sizes (X2, X4).  

Test standard ISTA 3A. 


Decision requirements 

The product functions normally and has no visible damage to the naked eye.  

The outer packing is allowed to be deformed, not damaged.  

Product packaging is not allowed to be deformed or damaged.  


  • ISTA 3 series: Comprehensive ISTA packaging testing (non-simulated overall performance test, partial simulated performance test)  

  • ISTA 3A: ≤ 70kg, single package, standard package, parcel transport  

  • Package size: 340X250X92mm, package weight: 2.8kg.  Apply to ISTA3A  

Test Procedure

Environmental pretreatment: 12 hours (laboratory environment).  

Temperature and humidity treatment: this parameter is optional.  

Free falls: 9 groups.  

Highway trailer, top load random vibration: 2 hours.  

Random vibration of vehicle distribution: 0.5 hours.  

Low pressure random vibration: this is optional, according to the transportation environment, this environment does not exist, not selected.  

Free falls: 8 groups. 


Test Results

Product packaging deformation, NG


Cooperate with customers to make rectifications. After several rounds of rectification, the transit test packaging results meet the requirements.  


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