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Business Scope Of Amazon Package Sioc Certification Testing

The business scope covers:

ISTA-6 Amazon

ISTA-6 Sam

ISTA-6 Federal

Domestic e-commerce packaging requirements

T/CPF 0012-2020 Test Guidelines for Express Small Transport Packages

T/CPF 0011-2020 E-commerce Logistics Test Guidelines for Major Appliances Transport Packages

Express/e-commerce amazon package sioc certification testing plan design

As a member of the Standardization Committee, ORT participated in the drafting of T/CPF 0012-2020 Test Guidelines for Express Small Transportation Packages, T/CPF 0011-2020 E-commerce Logistics Test Guidelines for Large Appliances Transportation Packages, with corresponding Testing and technical service capabilities.

In addition, we can also provide you with express/e-commerce amazon package sioc certification testing plan design services, assist you in improving packaging quality, and escort your packaging to meet the requirements of express/e-commerce logistics links with SZORT Third-party testing.

Amazon Drop Test Requirements

Amazon has specific requirements for drop testing of products sold on its website. These amazon packaging test requirements vary depending on the category of the product, but generally include multiple drops from a specific height and onto a specific surface. For example, for small electronics, the requirements may include drops from a height of 3 feet onto a concrete surface, while for larger items such as furniture, the amazon packaging test requirements may include drops from a height of 4 inches onto a corner or edge. It is important for manufacturers and sellers to ensure that their products meet these amazon packaging test requirements in order to be eligible for sale on Amazon.

ISTA 6-Amazon SIOC Testing

As the largest online e-commerce company in the United States, Amazon not only attaches importance to product quality but also has strict packaging quality requirements. In 2018, the e-commerce giant Amazon updated its packaging and transportation test amazon SIOC guidelines: All specified products sold on its platform must complete the ISTA test and get the corresponding test report.

Amazon SIOC Guidelines

The agreement that Amazon and its suppliers’ products need to follow in the Amazon operating environment. The purpose of the test is to ensure that the supplier's products can still reach consumers intact without using additional packaging provided by Amazon. SIOC packaging that meets this amazon package sioc certification testing standard will be transported to Amazon's fulfillment center (FC) for processing and storage, and finally delivered to the end-user through the package transportation system or freight. ISTA Project test series includes 6 amazon package sioc certification testing types, divided into Type A-Type F according to product specifications. 

ORT's Amazon Package Testing

ORT's Amazon Package Testing

As one of the laboratories accredited by ISTA and Amazon packaging testing service providers, ORT is committed to providing safety information guarantee for the product packaging quality of Amazon and its suppliers, helping to reduce damage and loss of packaging products, ensuring product quality, and improving customer satisfaction and the market share of the product. The following are one of our projects, check if you have interests.

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Amazon Package Testing Technology

ISTA 6-amazon Of Amazon Package Testing

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