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          Shenzhen ORT Testing Technology Co., Ltd. (“ORT” for short) is a national high-tech enterprise with independent legal person qualifications, focusing on third-party testing and technical services.

         Qualifications: CNAS, CMA, ISTA, ASTM, Guogao, Shenzhen City High, Shenzhen Longgang District Public Service Platform, China Packaging Federation member unit, Shenzhen National Defense Industry Association member unit, etc.

Innovation and R&D: 

Participate in writing more than 20 national standards, industry standards, and group standards.

Has 9 software copyrights, 3 utility model patents, and 5 invention patents.

        ORT adheres to the quality policy of "fairness, justice, rigor, accuracy and efficiency" and the core values of "customer first, people-oriented, technology-driven and healthy development". Don't forget the original intention, move forward. ORT has three business divisions:

        Reliability Division: Committed to providing customers with environmental adaptability and reliability testing and technical services.

         Packaging Division: Committed to providing customers with testing services and technical services for transport packaging and packaging materials.

        New Energy Battery Division: Committed to providing customers with testing, certification and technical services.

         Reliable achievements re-trust, persistent achievement dreams. The company was established in 2009 and has gathered a group of outstanding talents with more than 10 years of experience accumulation and development history. Always taking integrity and quality as the foundation of the company's survival and development, and accumulating a good customer reputation and brand image, ORT is determined to become the most professional and trustworthy partner in the field of testing and technical services




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