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Shenzhen ORT Technical Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ORT) is a professional third-party testing and technical service organization in the field of reliability.Since its establishment in December 2009, the company has expanded from a single-field development model to a multi-level and multi-field development model at an amazing pace of development. Through integration of superior resources, it has built a professional, high-quality one-stop testing and technical service platform in the field of reliability for customers. It provides customers with testing services on climatic environmental, lighting environmental, corrosive environment, mechanical environment, combine environmental, IP rating, packaging material and packaging transportation, physical properties, EMC, electrical performance, failure analysis, etc, and also provides customers with technical services on tooling/fixture design and production, non-standard test method development, test program development and design, fatigue durability test and analysis, product failure analysis and improvement, reliability laboratory design and construction preparation, etc.




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