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Reliability Test ORT Reliability Test
ORT ongoing reliability test methods include climate environmental testing, mechanical environmental testing comprehensive environmental testing, biological and chemical active substances, electrical properties, physical properties, and protection levels. Inquiry more reliability and life testing from China TIC industry companies
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ORT Reliability Test
New Energy Battery Test ORT New Energy Battery Test
The New Energy Division provides one-stop testing and certification services for manufacturers and traders in the battery performance test. Business covers: commissioned testing, market access, UN38.3 and cargo transportation appraisal, quality inspection reports, etc. Service objects: consumer batteries, special batteries, power batteries, industrial batteries, energy storage, and model aircraft batteries.
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ORT New Energy Battery Test
China Certification ORT China Certification
ORT Testing can provide one-stop Chinese certification services such as reliability testing, packagingand transportation testing, and new energy battery testing and certification. Inquiry more China certification from testing inspection and certification companies.
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ORT China Certification
Packaging And Transportation Test ORT Packaging And Transportation Test
Package testing includes providing customers with testing services for transportation packages and packaging materials. It is a laboratory approved by the ISTA, ASTM, and Packaging Joint Committees. The Packaging Division not only assists in e-commerce packaging and transportation testing services, but also has large-scale heavy-duty sample testing. Service capabilities. Inquiry more types of packaging testing from China TIC industries companies.
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ORT Packaging And Transportation Test
Medical Device Packaging Testing
As a third-party medical device package testing laboratory, ORT has been authorized and accredited by CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) and ISTA (International Safe Transport Association). Medical package testing can provide customers with ASTM D4169, GB/T4857, and ISTA standard test services.
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Amazon Packaging Certification
In recent years, Amazon has vigorously promoted a sustainable packaging policy and has continuously formulated and updated measures to reduce packaging waste and improve user experience. As a third-party testing laboratory, ORT has extensive experience in packaging and transportation testing. ORT amazon package testing is not only a laboratory accredited by the China Qualified National Accreditation Service (CNAS) and the International Safe Transport Association (ISTA), but also a laboratory accredited by Amazon. Issue an authoritative test report officially recognized by Amazon.
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Dangerous Package Certificate
The Import and Export Commodity Inspection Law of the People’s Republic of China and its implementation regulations stipulate that export dangerous goods packaging container manufacturers should apply to the customs of the place of origin for the performance inspection of dangerous goods packaging containers, and export dangerous goods manufacturers should apply to the customs of the origin of dangerous goods packaging containers Use identification.
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About ORT
As a long standing third-party testing agency in China, Our ORT reliability testing agency has established three business divisions successively.
Reliability Division

Committed to providing customers with environmental adaptability and reliability testing and technical services. 

Packaging Division

Committed to providing customers with testing services and technical services for transportation packages and packaging materials.

New Energy Battery Division

Committed to providing customers with testing, certification, and technical services. ORT reliability testing agency provides you with the best third new energy battery testing service

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ORT Third Party Testing Agency
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